A Simple and Fast Professional Process

First Stage - Business Definition

  • Defining and setting the business's goals.
  • Adapting the website to the digital world.
  • Creating inspiration boards and digital branding.

The process includes a phone call where we'd love to get to know you, hear what's important to you, what you love, and what's right for your business.

Creating a Demo Site - Building a demo site is important to align expectations.

Liked it? ... We're moving on.

Second Stage - Definition and Design

  • Creating a graphic language according to your choice.
  • Defining the user experience and designing the site in a unique and personalized way for your brand.

Third Stage - Building and Development, Payment Integration, and Testing

  • We get to work... Purchasing a domain or using an existing one, Shopifi's template.
  • Site design, logo, text embedding, product images, and more.
  • Approving the site - The client approves the site/notes, and more.
  • Completing the site's construction - Connecting to payment, launching the site, and providing guidance.

Start selling online - Good sales. Hosting the site with Shopifi. A professional and fast process - In 20 working days, you'll be able to start selling on e-commerce.


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