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Shopify is a Canadian company that is one of the largest in the world, developing platforms for electronic stores since 2004. Today, there are over a million Shopify stores worldwide. Customers, both large and small, benefit from Shopify's advanced technology. Especially today, after the challenging year of the pandemic, we all understand that it's impossible to progress and develop without a serious and simple e-commerce store for implementation. Even if we have a small store or simply want to sell and earn extra thousands of shekels a month, Shopify is exactly for you!

Building a Shopify store has several advantages: an online platform that saves on the high costs offered by other online platforms. It allows you the flexibility to implement your own laws and standards (you decide how and when) without relying on an external service. And most importantly, Shopify allows you to significantly increase sales at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Why us? The phrase "There is no wisdom like experience" rings true. We have been in the sales industry, especially in the fashion and home style sector, for over a decade. In 2010, we established the first fashion store of its kind, which was sold in 2017 to a major company. There are many companies that offer you website development, but few understand website creation, design, branding, and online sales. We guide you from planning and design, choosing logos, colors, website creation, and, of course, site management.Shopify hosts your site on a globally accessible platform that provides 100% availability worldwide, very fast, especially important for customers with little patience for slow loading times. From page to page. The minimum monthly cost includes 24/7 customer service, site security, and maintenance, starting at $29 (also can change by shopify), all-inclusive per month - payments are made directly to Shopify.

Pricing is clear and detailed. It's very important to know and understand what you get for the initial amount that parallel companies offer. We have experience with hundreds of e-commerce sites, and our reputation includes project management, photo shoots for the site, consultation with credit and debit card companies, code development, and, most importantly, sales to small and large stores, all while meeting your deadlines.

Website design is the most important detail. Our sites are designed to turn visitors into loyal customers. Only those who specialize in e-commerce understand the competition in the online market and know how important design, branding, and style are.

Delivery time is crucial! All work is done in our offices. We know of sites that, from the day of the order, waited for over two months until the site went live. With us, the site will be live in as little as 18 business days from the day we receive the images.

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