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In today's era, the question isn't about where your business is located, but rather where your customers are. Approximately 70% of your customers can primarily be found on Instagram and, subsequently, on Facebook. This depends on the age demographics and the products you market and sell. Nowadays, it's imperative for us to stand out on social networks, allowing us to attract customers to your website.

We all know that social networks wield significant power in the realm of sales. A substantial portion of potential friends/customers will visit your site due to a good image or an excellent post you've shared. At Shofipy, we'll ensure that the items appearing on your social networks are enticing. Every item featured on Facebook will have a link for purchase. Anyone promoting or selling through websites knows that the second most crucial thing on websites is content sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Why? Because content sharing is akin to a recommendation, and recommendations can lead more people to your site. Numerous studies and surveys have demonstrated that people rely much more on recommendations from friends than on advertisements. Beyond the fact that this confirms the importance and quality of the content, it represents the most valuable form of exposure – word of mouth.

To your surprise, Facebook has the capability to take these valuable shares and distribute them far and wide, reaching more people than their regular exposure, at a relatively low cost. This promotion translates to consistent and high-quality traffic to your site. If a visitor comes to your site due to a friend's "recommendation" (sharing), it's reasonable to assume that this will be much more effective for you than someone arriving through an advertisement.

Part of our pricing offer includes setting up Facebook and Instagram stores for your Shofipy website. Every item sold on the site will appear as a sales item on Facebook. Every item posted on Instagram will allow customers to click on the image and proceed to the site to make a purchase.

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